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Insolvency Publications

The Insolvency Service administers the following insolvency processes:

  • Bankruptcy
  • Debt Relief Orders and
  • Fast track voluntary arrangements and
  • Compulsory liquidations

The publications below provide information on these insolvency processes.

 Publication Title 

 Guide to Bankruptcy (DOC, 1.5 Mb)   


 Fast-Track Voluntary Arrangements (DOC, 2.1 Mb) 


 A Guide for Creditors (DOC, 1.5 Mb) 


 A Guide for Directors (DOC, 2.3 Mb) 


 When will my bankruptcy end? (DOC, 2.1 Mb) 
Information on discharge from bankruptcy


 What will happen to my home? (DOC, 1.5 Mb)  
Information about your home when bankruptcy occurs


 What will happen to my bank account?  (DOC, 1.5 Mb)  
Information about your bank account when you are made bankrupt


 Can my bankruptcy be cancelled? (DOC, 2.1 Mb)  


 Individual Insolvency Register (DOC, 2.2 Mb) 


 What happens when you are interviewed by the OR (DOC, 2.1 Mb) 


 What will happen to my pension? (DOC, 1.5 Mb) 


 Bankruptcy Restrictions Orders (DOC, 2.2 Mb) 


 IPO / IPA (Income Payments Orders and Income Payments Agreements) (DOC, 2.1 Mb) 


 Re-use of a company name after liquidation (DOC, 2.1 Mb) 


 Alternatives to Bankruptcy (DOC, 1.6 Mb) 


 Statutory Demands (DOC, 2.1 Mb) 


 Guide to Debt Relief Orders (DOC, 1.5 Mb)  (DRO) 


 Debt Relief Orders (PDF, 26 Kb)  (DRO) Flyer


 Debt Relief Restrictions Orders (DOC, 2.2 Mb) 


 What will happen to my motor vehicle? (DOC, 2.1 Mb) 


Information for petitioners on Insolvency Service deposit and fee changes for 2011 (DOC, 80 Kb) 



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