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About us

The NMO Enforcement Authority operates a mixed model enforcement service which combines market surveillance with product testing and business support in order to increase compliance throughout changing technological landscapes.

Our enforcement decisions are intelligence led and risk based and although we aim to achieve compliance through cooperation, the actions taken by us are proportionate and are those that most efficiently achieve long term compliance and the objectives of the directives and regulations that we have responsibility for.


Annual report

Details of the NMO Enforcement Authority's activities from 1 April 2012 - 31 March 2013 can be read in the annual enforcement report (PDF, 1.0 Mb) .


We are fully committed to the principles identified in the Hampton Review, the Arculus Review and the Enforcement Concordat and are also committed to working with industry progressing in partnership towards full compliance.


It is our policy that:


  • Enforcement should be intelligence led and based on an assessment of risk
  • Form filling and data requests will be kept to a minimum
  • Information and data can be sent to us electronically or in whichever way is convenient to the supplier
  • Enforcement actions will not be disproportionate

We will assist industry to comply with the regulations by:

  • Providing the best information and advice we can
  • Working with stakeholders
  • Supporting compliance seminars and other events
  • Being accessible and responding to enquiries

In all cases of non-compliance the full suite of possible actions will be considered and the most appropriate selected in order to help those aiming to comply and pursue vigorously those that intend to flout compliance, including possible prosecution, details of which can be found in our  prosecution policy (PDF, 222 Kb) .

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