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  • sign post

    We are moving to GOV.UK

    5 Mar 2014

    This is an important announcement about the NMO website transitioning to and when the current site is due to close.

  • Picture of Peter Mason

    Peter Mason announces his forthcoming retirement as Chief Executive at NMO.

    26 Feb 2014

    Peter Mason has announced his impending retirement as Chief Executive of the National Measurement Office.

  • artisan loafs

    Consumer Rights Bill: Deregulation of record keeping requirements for bakers of open or unwrapped bread

    5 Feb 2014

    The Consumer Rights Bill was introduced into Parliament on 23rd January 2014. One of its provisions will exempt bakers who make up bread to be sold unwrapped or in open packs from keeping records of checks of the weight of the bread, under the Weight and Measures (Packaged Goods) Regulations 2006. It will also remove the power which allows Trading Standards Officers to exempt bakers from keeping these records.

  • Istock knitting yarns

    Deregulation Bill: Weights and Measures (Knitting Yarns) Order 1988

    5 Feb 2014

    The Weights and Measures (Knitting Yarns) Order 1988 (SI1988/895) is to be revoked by the Deregulation Bill which was introduced into Parliament on 23rd January. This forms part of the Government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge’, the aim of which is to reduce the amount of regulation in the UK and to encourage business growth.

  • One of the NMO Christmas card drawings for 2013

    Christmas message from NMO

    13 Dec 2013

    This is a sample work of art taken from our family Christmas e-Card 2013.

  • NMO civil service people survey 2013 front page

    NMO annual Civil Service people survey results 2013

    12 Dec 2013

    The Civil Service people survey is a single staff survey measuring employee engagement across the entire Civil Service. The report lists all the questions asked in the survey and gives all the responses from the National Measurement Office staff. It compares the Agency's results with all organisations which took part in the survey, and also with the highest performers.

  • justice scale

    National project on Medical Weighing equipment for 2014 - 2015

    11 Dec 2013

    For a number of years, Trading Standards Services have taken part in National Metrology Projects. These have been organised to add value to inspectional work which has been done by individual Trading Standards Services as part of their local responsibility. Such work, which has been undertaken across the United Kingdom has been focussed on a particular subject and has been nationally collated.

  • National Measurement News December 2013 front cover

    National Measurement News issue 15 available for download

    9 Dec 2013

    This news article contains the latest edition of National Measurement News. Issue 15 contains articles and news items from the National Measurement Office and from its partners in the National Measurement System.

  • justice scale

    NMO has published the section 70 annual report for 2012-13

    27 Nov 2013

    Every local authority in the UK is required to report the level of local enforcement work conducted over a twelve month period under section 70 of the weights and measures act 1985. This information is then collated into an annual report by the NMO which is used to create a risk matrix which identifies the risk of equipment failing and the level of consequences of that risk. This then enables Local Authorities to identify which areas their resources should be prioritised towards using targeted inspections. This is the format as agreed by the secretary of state in accordance with section 70 of the weights and measures act 1985.

  • Justice scale 2

    Annual Metrology Seminar 2014

    1 Nov 2013

    This article covers the 11th annual metrology seminar for Trading Standards Officers.

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