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International legal metrology

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NMO is actively involved in WELMEC, which is an organisation of European Union and European Free Trade association (EFTA) Member States that pursues cooperation in legal metrology. WELMEC was formally established at a meeting in Bern, Switzerland in June 1990, upon the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding. There are currently 30 Members and 7 Associate members, and 7 Observer and 4 Corresponding organisations. The WELMEC Memorandum of Understanding is of an exclusively recommendatory nature and does not in any way bind its signatories. WELMEC's principal objectives are to develop mutual confidence between legal metrology services in Europe and to achieve harmonisation of legal metrology activities.

NMO is represented in all eight different working groups of WELMEC, and NMO officials attend working group meetings relevant to their knowledge and background. For example, our representatives attend meetings about pre-packages, the MID, measuring equipment for liquids other than water, software, weighing instruments including NAWI directive implementation and metrological supervision. The benefit of WELMEC participation is the ability to influence the regulatory requirements within Europe in accordance with the wishes of UK stakeholders, including manufacturers, legislators, and enforcers.  Ultimately this will benefit consumers.

The body governing the working groups is the WELMEC Committee. Each member country has a nominated representative that attends an annual Committee meeting and participates in electronic correspondence and voting on matters of a more strategic nature in relation to cooperation in legal metrology across Europe.

Read about WELMEC Working Groups & UK Contacts

Read a news article about a recent ITT for updating the WELMEC Strategy

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NMO is committed to effective consultation which is targeted at and easily accessible to those with a clear interest in the policy in question.

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