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50 years of the UK in space events

26 & 27 April: 50 Years of the UK in Space (2 day conference organised by the UK Space Agency & Science Museum).
Venue: Science Museum
(please note details and speakers may be subject to change)

Thursday 26 April

 08:00 Registration 
  Session 1 - Introduction and Ariel
 08:45 Welcome - Science Museum and UK Space Agency.
 09:00 'Ariel series' - Professor Peter Willmore, University of Birmingham.
  Session 2 - The legacy of Ariel
09:40 'Plasma environments in the Solar System - 50 years of UK contributions' - Professor Stan Cowley, University of Leicester.
10:20 Coffee.
10:50 'UK Space Science Milestones - the Sun' - Professor Len Culhane, Mullard Space Science Laboratory.
11:30 'The legacy of Ariel-5: X-ray astronomy in the UK' - Professor Ken Pounds, University of Leicester
12:10 Lunch.
13:30 'Ariel and cosmic rays' - Professor John Quenby, Imperial College.
14:00 'Radio Astronomy from Ariel-2 and Planck' - Professor Sir Francis Graham-Smith, University of Manchester.
14:30 'Cassini and Planetary Science' - Professor John Zarnecki, Open University.
15:00 Tea.
Session 3 - UK Space, today and the future
15:30 'UK Space Science - today and tomorrow' - Dr Dave Parker, UK Space Agency; Dr Gillian Wright, UK Astronomy Technology Centre/MIRI.
16:00 'UK Industry Milestones - today and tomorrow' - Ruy Pinto, Inmarsat; Michael Lawrence, Technology Strategy Board.
16:30 'UK Technology - today and tomorrow' - Mr Patrick Wood, Astrium; Shaun Kenyon, Surrey Satellite Technology Limited.
17:00 'UK Earth Observation - today and tomorrow' - Professor Duncan Wingham, Natural Environment Research Council; Ruth Boumphrey, UK Space Agency.
17:30 Rest Break.
Evening programme and Reception - UK Space Agency.
17:45 Remarks by Dr David Williams, UK Space Agency.
17:50 'UK in the ESA Space Science Programme' - Alvarro Gimenez, Director ESA.
18:20 '50 years of the UK in Space' - A film by the UK Space Agency
18:30 Evening programme - UK Space Agency.
19:30 Food and Drink reception hosted by the UK Space Agency.
21:00 Close.


Friday 27 April 2012

  Session 4 - Planetary and Atmospheric 
09:00  'Terrestrial Atmospheric' - Professor Sir John Houghton.
09:30 'Planetary Atmospheric- - Professor Fred Taylor, University of Oxford. 
10:00 'Bepi-Colombo' - Professor George Fraser, University of Leicester. 
10:30 Coffee.
Session 5 - History of Planning, Organising and Researching for Space
11:00 'The historical context to international science' - Dr John Agar, UCL.
11:30 'Managing the UK's infant space science programme' - Dr Eric Dorling.
11:50 'Ariel-1, Starfish and their place in the history of radiation effects and space weather - Dr Clive Dyer.
12:10 'Space at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory - Past, Present and Future' - Professor Richard Holdaway, RAL.
12:40 Lunch.
Session 6 - New technologies, New Science
14:10 'QB50 - A constellation of 50 CubeSats' - Professor Alan Smith, UCL MSSL.
14:40 'Gaia - the first stereoscopic census of our Galaxy: one billion pixels for one billion stars - Professor Gerry Gilmore, University of Cambridge.
15:10 'Swift: Chasing the biggest bangs in the universe' - Professor Nial Tanvir, University of Leicester.
15:40 'Fundamental Physics' - Professor Mike Cruise, University of Birmingham.
16:10 Closing remarks - Science Museum and the UK Space Agency.
16:30 Finish.


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