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  • ADM-Aeolus (Atmospheric Dynamics Mission)

    19 Apr 2012

    The ADM-Aeolus mission will provide global observations of wind profiles from space to improve the quality of weather forecasts, and to advance our understanding of atmospheric dynamics and climate processes.


    17 Nov 2011

    AKARI is an infrared space telescope. It mapped 94 per cent of the sky and made the most extensive survey of our Universe at mid infrared (shorter) and far infrared (longer) wavelengths. It also made observations of selected celestial objects.

  • AlphaSat

    5 Dec 2013

    AlphaSat is the largest mobile telecommunications satellite ever built in Europe.

  • ATHENA (Advanced Telescope for High ENergy Astrophysics)

    16 Jan 2012

    Following a decision in 2011 by ESA to reformulate the L-class Cosmic Vision missions as Europe-only/Europe-led missions a study team was established to develop the fundamentals of a new mission to replace IXO, whilst maintaining its science goals as much as possible.

  • Aura

    17 Nov 2011

    Aura monitors global air quality on a daily basis. It measures the chemical composition of the Earth's atmosphere including greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and ozone depleting gases such as nitrogen dioxide and CFCs (Chloro-Fluoro-Carbons).

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