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Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) - UK PRS Demonstrator programme

28 Mar 2012

Artist's impression of the four Galileo In-Orbit Validation satellites in their orbits. Credit: ESA - P. Carril.

The UK Space Agency is taking a prominent role in the European Commission’s programme to prepare UK Galileo Public Regulated Service (PRS) Users for the PRS Initial Operational Capability (IOC). The UK Space Agency, as the Competent PRS Authority (CPA), intends to establish a secure platform that will enable PRS access management.

This platform is termed Point Of Contact-Platform (POC-P), together with a PRS User Segment Infrastructure. This call is intended to identify and develop the capabilities needed to enable the UK to effectively manage PRS access, specifically keys, with the end user organisations in a manner that meets user application requirements.

This call for Proposals seeks innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.

Proposals should demonstrate innovative ideas to test end to end, add value and increase user uptake of the PRS throughout the user chain. The chain includes the administrative infrastructure within the CPA through to operationally deployed end user applications.

Proposals shall include but not be limited to rekey of standalone, OTAR enabled, PRS receivers. They shall also address significant market opportunities that can exploit the PRS SIS and consider how the UK POC-P can be integrated into this process in innovative ways. As such, they may include but are not limited to; tracking devices, timing or position systems, stand alone or integrated within communications systems in addition to the existing OTAR based system.

It is proposed that the work shall be carried out in two phases:

a. Phase 1 will consist of a number of concurrent 6 months studies, 100% funded to establish foundation technologies.

b. Phase 2 will allow for projects up to two years in length and would include technology demonstrations and the delivery of end-to-end services that demonstrate clear end user added value benefits.

A total of £800,000 is available to fund multiple contracts under Phase 1. Organisations that may be interested in entering can find out more information by registering for the Call.


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